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Academic Advising, Academic Coaching, and Early Professional Training
Limitless Edu Consulting develops individualized plans for success through

Academic Advising: College and graduate school academic advising helps high school and college clients to identify which academic path is best suited for them.

Academic Coaching: Academic coaching offers support through creating focus and direction. In developing a strategy for success, clients will learn effective study habits, organizational skills, and time management.

Early Professional Training: This is a support service for recent graduates or those entering their early professional life. Services include styling, training for presentations, as well as public speaking.

Master’s Thesis and Ph.D. Dissertation Coaching: Provides continuous support throughout the entire thesis/dissertation process through goal accountability, meeting deadlines and providing support.


Packages are available for individual clients or teams. Transcript, activity, and learning style reviews help students to gain focus. Student athletes will be guided on time-management, balance, attitude, confidence, leadership, and motivation. These skills are then applied to academics and goal setting.

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