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Welcome to Limitless Edu Consulting!


Learning ▪ Empowerment ▪ Confidence 



Who?    Limitless Edu Consulting works with clients and students at various stages of their academic and professional lives.


What?    ALL your goals are made possible and WITHOUT limits through learning, empowerment and confidence.


When and where?   Days and times are flexible to meet your scheduling needs.


Why choose Limitless Edu Consulting?    My programs show you how to take the limits off your academic ad professional life and exceed all expectations!

My unique approach to coaching blends skill building, with knowledge and methods for success.

Limitless programming provides a stimulating and challenging experience for you to learn and build confidence.


How?    Strong Habits + Powerful Consistency = Limitless Lifestyle



Offerings include:


 Academic Coaching: Offers support through creating focus and direction by:

▪Developing a strategy for success

▪Learning effective study habits

▪Strengthening organizational skills and time management

▪This service also provides support and advising throughout the planning and application process for those seeking to apply to college.


 Career Coaching: Helps clients at any stage of their professional life to create direction and identify:

▪Which career path is best suited for them

▪Coaching helps clients make the most of their experiences through setting and achieving goals


Packages are available for individual clients (one-on-one), groups and teams. 🏆

Student athletes will be guided on time-management, academic-sport-life balance, attitude, confidence, leadership, and motivation. Athletes will be coached on how to apply these skills to academics.

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