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My name is Lauren Forcucci, Ph.D. and I am the founder of Limitless Edu Consulting. I am an experienced college educator and advisor. For over ten years I have taught and advised in higher education and know the tools and skills that are essential to get clients where they want to be in both their academic and early professional lives!

While working with numerous students during their educational journeys, I gained an understanding of the many challenges they have in achieving academic success. Most do not possess the necessary academic and study skills to thrive in their academic pursuits.


This knowledge led me to creating Limitless Edu Consulting. Through my offerings, clients will come away with a personalized success plan that will be applicable throughout any academic and early professional career.


Whether clients are high school, college, graduate students, or entering their early professional careers, I know how to guide you through your academic journey successfully and with confidence.


Student athletes, those entering their early professional careers, veterans , and adult or returning students, will also benefit from offerings that suit their specific academic needs. I will design a success plan that incorporates a client’s experiences and background.

Offerings are for all ages and for clients who are:
Currently in high school or college and want to strengthen their overall academic record.
Struggling academically and need guidance on how to improve.
Interested in enhancing their current level of academic success.
Seeking to boost college grades to pursue graduate school.
Looking to return to college or are considering a change of major or degree program.
Searching for career advice on how to find a dream profession.
An athlete who needs academic support.

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