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My Story:

My name is Lauren Forcucci, Ph.D. and I am the founder of Limitless Edu Consulting. I am an experienced college educator and advisor. I have earned graduate degrees from Brandeis University and Salve Regina University. For over ten years I have taught and advised in higher education at both private and public higher education institutions in Massachusetts and know the tools and skills that are essential to get clients where they want to be in both their academic and professional lives! I know how to use the power of persistence to motivate, encourage and enthusiastically support you in achieving your goalsI have been very successful in working with students and teaching them how to apply their classroom skills and knowledge to their future professional lives.


I have NEVER been a fan of the words “Can’t” and “No”.


I am a believer in “Why Not!?”


My appreciation of knowledge and information led me to the field of education and teaching. My experiences with “Can’t” and “No” strengthened my persistence.


Understanding this made me realize that there is so much more for me to do to help others achieve their goals and to teach them how to stop saying and believing in “Can’t” and “No” and how to start believing in their goals and their ability to achieve their vision of academic, personal and professional success.

Why Am I Different?

I believe that through developing Strong Habits + Powerful Consistency = you will have a Limitless Lifestyle!

Change is challenging, but nothing great ever comes from not working hard or trying your absolute very best. It’s not easy to be successful and there will always be times where you feel defeated, but adjusting, adapting and being resilient is where it happens.

My methods of teaching you how to be limitless are straightforward, direct and sincere.

My techniques are bold, but I will always get right to the point and be earnest with you on the most effective strategies and plans to achieve your goals!



My Mission:

I started Limitless Edu Consulting to help clients pursue their goals and to stop them from limiting themselves in their academic and professional lives.

While working with numerous students during their educational journeys, I gained an understanding of the many challenges they have in achieving academic or professional success.

Most students and professionals don’t know how to overcome these issues.

Through my offerings, clients come away with a personalized success plan that will be applicable throughout any academic and professional career and lead to a limitless lifestyle.

Whether clients are in high school, college, graduate students, entering their early professional careers, or are current professionals, I know how to guide them to successfully achieve their goals with confidence and to enjoy the process along the way! Learning does not have to be painful! 


Education truly is about Learning, Empowerment and Confidence!


Student athletes, those entering their early professional careers, veterans, adult or returning students, or current professionals will also benefit from these offerings that are individualized to meet their specific needs.


Are you ready to get started on your journey to success and to achieve your goals?

Isn’t it time to start asking Why Not!?

Then let’s get started Now!

Contact Me today to find out how!

Offerings are for all ages and for clients who are:
Currently in high school or college and want to strengthen their overall academic record
Struggling academically and need guidance on how to improve
Interested in enhancing their current level of academic success
Seeking to boost college grades to pursue graduate school
Looking to return to college or are considering a change of major or degree program
Searching for their dream profession or want to sharpen their professional skills
An athlete who needs academic support and motivation

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