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Academic advising helps high school and college students to identify which type of school and path best suits them for either college or graduate school.

In reviewing transcripts, I will work with students to create an individualized plan to enhance and support intended goals.

Using your academic record as a foundational platform, I assess current activities and identify supplementary opportunities to enhance your overall academic involvement and support a course of study.

Advising works with your academic experience, skills and personal interests to support goals that will broaden academic talents and abilities and boost your overall academic life.


Academic coaching offers support to students and assists in creating focus and direction. It also helps with building effective study habits, organization, time management, overall skill development and forming a strategy for success.
The designing of individualized plans are based on a transcript and skill assessment.

Students will learn:
How to strategize and improve executive functions such as: organization and time management.
How to prioritize studying, planning and completing projects, as well as other academic assignments that involve writing and research.
Through coaching, students will figure out their interests and potential activities that they might want to pursue to enhance their skills.
Coaching helps students to create a plan to improve academic performance.
Methods for creating structure in studying will be taught such as, what to study, how to study and note taking.

Academic coaching offers opportunities for confidence building, success, and the setting and achieving of goals. Productive students are empowered students!

College transition is also part of this offering. Most first-year students struggle with the changes that are associated with college life. Coaching offers support, adjustment assistance and guidance with mitigating issues that pertain to academic, social and professional life. Tools for achievement and academic success plans will be created that are sustainable for the college-years and will help in easing this transition.

Academic Accountability is part of academic coaching. Accountability guides students on setting and achieving goals, how to keep on course and how to effectively meet deadlines throughout their educational career. This process empowers students to be held accountable for their work through regular interactions.


This is a support service for recent graduates, those entering their early professional life or professionals (individuals or groups) who want to sharpen their skills.

Services include styling and teaches clients how to:

-Select professional attire

-How to create and deliver a successful presentation

-Public speaking skills and how to address a professional group are part of this offering

-Creativity for optimizing ideas to become a more productive problem-solver


-Time Management





Packages are available for individuals or teams. Transcript, activities and learning style reviews help students to gain focus. Student athletes will be guided on time-management, balance, attitude, confidence, leadership and motivation. This is all then applied to academics and goal setting.

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